AnnieMac University

We want you to continue benefiting from AnnieMac Home Mortgage, starting at day one. 

AnnieMac University has classes dealing with a wide variety of useful topics on a weekly and monthly basis. Subjects include: leadership round tables, how to approach sales from a “pull” method,” how to use Encompass and the loan flow method. Take advantage of boot camps and business planning sessions. Learn how to generate reports and use the Intranet. AMU offers a full menu of options for all roles and departments. It’s a resource for your achievement. 

First-Day Orientation 

As you launch the next phase of your career, this intensive orientation covers what you need — from using Encompass to marketing and everything in between. Start taking advantage of opportunities for professional and personal development on your first day.

After Orientation 

Learning doesn’t end with orientation. This is a constantly changing business and we continue to give you the learning tools and support to stay ahead of the competition. 

Digital University 

We know you’re busy, so we’ve designed AMU to be as logistically accommodating as possible. Subjects including sales strategies, using social media for referral business and training for renovation loans are all accessible through our online portal for learning on the go. Your pace, your way.

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